Shirlyne Humphrey - Company Message


"Ms. Shirlyne started teaching my son in 2011.  He really enjoys his lessons because not only is she a good teacher but she is good at "mixing things up" (according to him).  She is very enthusiastic and she loves teaching her students.  She is really good at what she does.  Thank you!"

TC Pasco

"I have to say my wife and I are so very impressed with how Shirlyne has taken on Sidney and has been the single greatest catalyst to her incredibly rapid progression in learning the piano. We also absolutely love the enthusiasm that Shirlyne exudes which definitely must be a result of her passion for teaching. You can really tell how much she loves what she does which convinces us we went to the right place. We are very happy that we chose the best teacher in San Diego for Sidney’s piano lessons…and that teacher is, without a doubt, Shirlyne Humphrey."

Nelly Goldberg

"Ms. Shirlyne has been teaching our daughter, Miyoko, for five years.  She is the perfect match for her.  She is very patient, creative, and enjoys teaching music.  Her passion, and ability has inspired our daughter to enjoy learning and playing the piano.  We highly recommend her to anyone desiring to learn and appreciate playing the piano."

Joe and Kazumi Seldon

"Shirlyne is a wonderful piano teacher.  My 2 sons, Noah and Matteo, love her.  Noah who is 5 years old started this year and Matteo who is 8 years old started 2 years ago.  Shirlyne is enthusiastic, always positive, funny and encouraging.  The kids are having a great time while learning very well piano.  Shirlyne also organizes fantastic recitals where the kids can show proudly how well they play.  It is a memorable moment for the kids and the parents."

Stephanie Cherqui, Ph.D.

"We have enjoyed watching and listening to the progress our son has made this past year in Shirlyne's piano lessons.  This became particularly evident in the piano recital Shirlyne held for all her students.  Our son has always been very shy and reserved.  However, at the recital he played with enormous confidence and sounded great.  We were so proud of him and even more importantly he was proud of himself.  What a great experience Shirlyne provided for her students."

David Drummond

"We are so thrilled to have such an enthusiastic, patient and understanding piano teacher for our kids.  They enjoy going to their lessons and always feel good about themselves at the end.  Our kids enjoy playing at a pace she understands is best for each child.  They have some fun, learn a lot and all at no pressure.  We couldn't have asked for a better teacher.  Shirlyne is the best and we appreciate everything she does for our kids!"

Dave and Donna Lieras

"My daughter has been taught by three piano teachers and Ms. Shirlyne Humphrey tops them all.  She is an upbeat and positive music teacher that encourages children to enjoy playing the piano, thus progressing at their own pace.  I would highly recommend ALL piano teachers to emulate her style."

A. Dominguez

"Shirlyne Humphrey is a fantastic piano teacher.  She has been teaching my daughter for over four years and has guided her and helped her blossom into a fine piano player.  Shirlyne is enthusiastic and provides great support for her students.  She periodically will host recitals for her students and these are very fulfilling not only for the students, but for the parents too.  I highly recommend Shirlyne for anyone needing piano instruction."

Michael Lewis

"Hannah began taking lessons just 1 month shy of her 5th birthday and she is still with her original teacher...Ms. Shirlyne!  Hannah has enjoyed her lessons with Ms. Shirlyne because she keeps the lessons FUN!  Hannah is now 10 years old and has performed in two piano recitals with Ms. Shirlyne.  The first piece that she played, when she was 7 years old, was Part of Your World from Disney and just recently she played Dirty Diana.  

​As Hannah's Mom, I am thrilled that she is able to read music and play difficult pieces.  Since neither myself or husband has any music training, all that she has learned has been from Ms. Shirlyne​.  We are blessed to have had Ms. Shirlyne be her teacher as she has both a gift for teaching as well as the talent.​"

Susan Francis

Dear Shirlyne,

"It’s been over two years since Mia started as your student and it was the best decision that we made. It has been a pleasure watching her improve her piano skills by leaps and bounds under your tutelage.  Mia’s confidence at the piano keys is phenomenal and listening to her play is a treat.  I look forward to her continued improvement and success as your studentI have also enjoyed getting to know you and laugh with you at her lessons.  Your smiles and infectious laughter make my Saturdays.  Thank you for all you do.  You are truly one of a kind."
Connie Pearson